This is a disheveled start. The motivations are:

1. To connect interesting thoughts together. Why? Because it’s magical to see how one idea permeates two wholly dissimilar contexts. And all of us could use a bit more magic in our lives.

2. To write something intellectually stimulating. Reading and writing critically insightful prose aids in the dissolution of ignorance. I consider that – dissolution of ignorance – to be very, very important to who I want to be. That’s a cop-out answer (“well, of course you’re going to write about things you consider important!”), but it’s proper to note it here as a signpost to indicate what type of audience I do and do not want.

3. To say it, damnit, because it’s better to regret saying something half-thought-through, than to regret not saying anything at all. I’ll take the embarrassment of shallow ideas that are bound to ensue over the regret of never writing anything interesting down.

A few notes, to set the context.

I am young; mercurial, and capricious. Not loud, nor boisterous, but plenty of cognitive dissonance calls my brain its home. The aim is to hopefully convey concepts whose weight can be used as pardon for the tone of my voice.

Things that interest me: humans, technology, philosophy.

Let’s begin.